Within my photography I try to “Make the ordinary look extraordinary".

I first discovered photography 6 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I started as everyone does with basic equipment such as a compact camera and one small memory card, but my passion grew throughout the years. I took Photography A Level and through this developed my initial hobby into an activity I could take more seriously.

My photography evolved throughout the years from simple shots of nature, flora and fauna to dramatic urban environments around the world. I still do a range of nature-based photography, however a lot of what I currently do is urban street photography, in places such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the USA. I’m a keen traveller and I think the way that I choose to travel really gives my photography its own unique element.
Wherever I go I try to embrace the local culture; you will never find me lying on a beach. Instead I will be walking the streets or exploring areas that people may not first think to go. I want to show people that there are things that I see that may be unnoticed by the average passer-by. I believe that these situations can make for the best photos.

After completing my A Levels I have been fortunate enough to be offered an unconditional place to Study Press and Editorial Photography (Photojournalism) at Falmouth University.

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