I aspire to create images that leave space for the eye and the mind.

Making and enjoying pictures is a key part of the human experience. It is a way to communicate ideas and feelings to others. My creative journey with making pictures began over 10 years ago with life drawing. As a result, life is at the core of my Artworks. A good picture, in my opinion, distils life while also leaving plenty of space for a viewer to engage with it. One decade into my art practice, I am close enough to that ideal to start sharing my images. My pictures were created specifically to be seen and to ‘live’ with the viewer. Each one of them was created with a live model, so humanity coruscates through the pictures. By owning one of the works you become an integral part of the creative process.

I wanted from the beginning to create images that speak clearly and lucidly to the viewer. We live in a visually saturated world awash with multifaceted imagery. The lines and the tones in the pictures work to describe life and humanity succinctly and sensitively. I look forward to sharing my pictures with you all.

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