I love to paint, when I can, because I can!
I come from a family of artists and musicians. My grandfather was a composer and musician but also an accomplished artist and my mother was a medical artist. I grew up in Birmingham and my initial love of art developed into a passion for the natural landscape and so I went on to read Geography at the University of Sheffield.

My eye for detail led me into desktop publishing but later I decided to retrain as a teacher and have taught at schools in Hertfordshire for 12 years. My passion for art, however, has not waned and I have been painting, when time allowed, for the past 20 years. My main medium is watercolour but I am curious to see how different mediums will work together and so also use a variety of mixed media techniques. Sometimes my paintings are representative of what is actually there, at other times they are more an inspiration or feeling that goes beyond factuality. I paint a variety of subjects but particularly enjoy painting boats and animals.

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