About us

Founded in 2016, Art 4 Everyone celebrates the importance of contemporary visual culture in today’s society. Its founders, Melanie Hill and Charlie Anonuevo, truly believe in focusing on the artists and treasure their creativity. Melanie has shared her love of art through numerous sales and marketing projects in the corporate environment for more than 25 years. Charlie Anonuevo is a renowned photographer, having completed numerous photo shoots across Europe for over 15 years.

Our mission is to match unique and diverse pieces of art with the connoisseur. Art 4 Everyone brings talented artists and those that seek the freedom to choose unique pieces of art together. Art pieces that you simply will not find in department stores or on the high street. We understand the meaning of ‘that something special’; be it in the home, shared amongst friends and family, or even through the gifts we give.

So our logo; why a giraffe? Giraffes are elegant, mystical animals. Their long neck, reaching to the stars, enables them to see far into the distance of the savannah. Their long lean legs represent the 4 pillars of the earth. With keen and gentle intention, the giraffe searches beyond the norm, reaching up for the most satisfying morsels, pampering the needs that soothe and enrich the soul.







Our giraffe is called Giles. His creation and travels will be featured in our upcoming newsletters. Join us for Giles' journey. With the idea that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder', we offer you an enormous range of products, from the traditional to the abstract. Easy shopping by click and drop into your cart with secure payment methods. Quick delivery too!

Ethical approach

The artwork and artists are our prime focus. Unlike many unscrupulous organisations, we showcase talent and aim to bring together artists and art aficionados. We do not, nor ever will, deprive the artist ownership of their work.

The Team

Our dedicated team work very hard to ensure you receive your order fast. Our site is constantly evolving with new updates on our latest showcase pieces; from both existing artists as well as budding new ones. Keep informed, stay up-to-date with our latest and greatest, giving you the choice on more product ranges. Whether you are looking for that original piece of artwork to brighten up your walls or maybe a unique gift for a loved one or friend, we have Art 4 Everyone.

Head Office

Office 9 Hampden House
Monument Business Park
OX44 7RW